Lead Generation, Lead Management and Marketing Automation
 with NEW SparkSite™ Technology

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  • Personalized Sales Funnels (via SparkSites™)
  • SparkSites™ (lead capturing websites with stats and more)
  • Generate and manage Leads
  • Increase Sales with Segmentation/Personalization
  • Manage Customer Relationships
  • Improve Customer Retention
  • Easy Online Marketing Automation Tools
  • Increase your bottom line
  • & much, much more

Ignite™ can be used across
Corporate Sales OR Personal-Use scenarios.

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Tools & Features that Deliver

Take stress out of your sales process

Are you struggling to find leads for your business? Our Ignite lead generation platform can help you find and connect with your ideal customers. With advanced targeting and filtering options, you can find leads that match your ideal customer profile and contact them directly from our platform. Plus, our integration with popular communications platforms (Email, SMS Texting, Facebook Messenger, WhatsAPP and more) makes it easy to manage and track your leads and close the deal! Say goodbye to cold calling and hello to a steady stream of high-quality leads.

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Welcome to Ignite!

A Beginner's Guide to Successful Selling for New Consultants

Embark on a transformative sales journey with Ignite, our cutting-edge digital marketing platform designed to elevate your sales experience and results!

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Over 26 years experience

Our history is success!

We have 26+ years of software development experience, specifically in the direct selling industry. Since day one, we've provided high-quality product support and custom programming services for an array of needs. We strive to offer integrity and care with all we do.

We've pushed the envelope with offerings with our shopping cart and back-office software and led the industry with our subscription pricing. We're excited to to offer our newest offering Ignite™ lead generating, lead management & marketing automation software for enterprise companies, start ups and individuals.

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"Fantastic company"

They had a lot of experience and were quick to offer suggestions on how to get the most functionality out of using the software. The team really cares about each client, and takes time to understand your unique business.

~ Hallye | President

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View Corporate Plans View Personal Plans