Lead History Tracking
Track more effectively with Ignite

Having a solid lead history at hand allows you track how a lead has performed as it's traveled so far, and manage it more efficiently find sharper insights, save time/effort and Improve lead nurturing.

Gain Actionable Insights Through Lead History using Ignite

Track leads, manage them and gain actionable insights through the lead history feature. Make sure you miss nothing by having all the needed information at your beckoning. Lead history helps you keep a good eye on good leads, not just to convert them, but to help plan out a better customer experience.

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Why Having Access To Lead History Is Necessary?

The lead history report allows you to make connections and trace lead criteria, the source, industry, amount and size of revenue and opportunities. It gives actionable insights, giving you a bettering of your lead management and allowing you to track more effectively. Ignite™ gives you access your lead history for a wide view into lead tracking and management. Also, it proves useful when previously connected leads are recontacted; this allows you to avoid having to duplications with leads.