E-mail Campaigns & more!

In the realm of modern business, optimizing sales processes and enhancing the customer experience are essential for sustained success. Through the implementation of automated email campaigns and lead generating websites, organizations can effectively streamline their sales funnel while providing a seamless journey for customers. By leveraging personalized email communications and engaging website experiences, businesses can nurture leads, drive conversions, and establish lasting relationships with their audience.

Ignite E-mail Campaigns

Once you get your leads flowing in from Ignites SparkSites™ You'll want to set up some campaigns! A campaign consists of 5 emails, you pick them from 3 categories Product, Sign-up or Informational. The templates you can pick from are all professional and beautiful and you can customize the text and images. Create as many as you like, you can even import your own HTML if you like to roll that way.

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Just pick a Tag or Group of leads and select them to be added to a customized E-mail campaign YOU have put together. You don't need to learn code just pick an E-mail template and set up the campaigns schedule. Have multiple campaigns going and trigger the adding of new people by using a custom Tag.

Automated Marketing can make things much easier and can be a win win for you and the prospects. Send out a 5 E-mail Campaign on a product of service or create 5 different type E-mails in your Campaigns.

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Easy E-mail creation

As mentioned above you can create your own campaigns just pick one of the many beautiful E-mail templates and mix and mingle different sections of your email. No need to learn HTML or all the strenuous rules and E-mails dos and don'ts when trying to send out a great email to inform people about something important to them and your business. The e-mail system is going to be constantly changing and getting new features but staying very easy to use.

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