Communications Hub
SMS texting, Personal E-mails and more!

One of the most important things for a seller to do is connect with a buyer. One method they can use is proper sales communication. A seller communicates the features, prices and benefits of their product to a consumer to make a sale. If you work in sales or marketing, it may be beneficial to learn different communication techniques that can help you close a sale.

Build customer relationships
with SMS Messages.

Salespeople can use communication to build customer loyalty and gain repeat customers. They can also build relationships that may provide other benefits in the future. The Ignite Communication Hub helps all this work. It's beyond just E-mail Campaigns this is all about relationship and customer experience. The Ignite Communication Hub has E-mails, SMS Texting and more! Keep your eye on what your customers are thinking and what they actually need and help them understand your brand and products to a next level experience.

Check in with them send links and Happy Birthdays, it's so easy to create a flow of information so you can deliver whats needed.


Build & send personal E-mails

Want to send a fast email one to one? Not a problem Just select your lead and on the Communication screen click E-mail. You can pick a prefabricated email or drop your HTML your designer made right in to a blank slate.

Check in with customers one on one and get a great relationship working.

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